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Adult Bible Study

Every Wednesday, 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

Location: Heritage Baptist Church, 3065 Hwy 297A, Cantonment, Fl, Cantonment, FL US 32533

Coordinator: Sean Ryan

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Come join us Wednesday night at 6:30pm for a night of Bible study and prayer. We will be doing a 10-week study on the Fruit of the Spirit. Each Deacon will take a characteristic and see what God’s Word says. 

See you Wednesday

Intro - Aug 21st - Lee Jennings

Love - Aug 28th - Anthony Hobgood

This week we will be looking at the fruit of love and how this is a manifestation of God's character.

We are going to examine the foundation of the Christian life and how we cannot express the love of God in our own efforts.

Joy - Sep 4th - Jon Andrews

Ode to Joy, Finding True Joy, Joy vs. Happiness.                                                                  Come discuss this and more on Wednesday!

Peace - Sep 11th - Sean Ryan

Kindness - Sep 25th - Jason Hillburn

This week, in the Fruit of the Spirit series, we are going to talk about patience.  How do we as Christians practice patience when we live in a “drive-thru” society?   

We will discuss how patience is revealed in God’s character throughout the Old Testament,  how Jesus displays patience in the New Testament, and how it is a required characteristic of God’s children. 

I hope you will join us to take a deeper dive into the fruit of patience.

Patience - Sep 18th - David

Goodness - Oct 2nd - 

Faithfulness - Oct 9th - Elwin Jones

Gentleness - Oct 16th - Monty Ray

Self-Control - Oct 23rd - Jimmy Mitchell



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